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How To Create A Winning Legal Team

team building gps huntBoost Efficiency In Your Law Firm By Encouraging Team Collaboration

Do you need to boost your bottom line? Your organisation is nothing without the dedication of your employees, so invest in them by booking a team building day.

Most companies experience employees who need a bit of a boost at one time or another. Even those who are performing well could find room for improvement. When a workforce is happy in the office, morale and engagement are both high which has a knock-on effect in terms of productivity. A 2015 study conducted by Gallup shows a strong link between engaged leaders and the productivity rates of their employees. Concerningly, 1 in 2 out of the 7,272 adults surveyed had left a job at some point in their career in order to get away from a manager. Less than a third felt engaged in their jobs in any given year.

Boost Your Legal Team

These are disheartening statistics for any employer to read – but there is an increasingly popular solution that can transform the outlook of a team – from the managerial level downwards. Team building activities are gaining in popularity due to their ability to create trust, increase communication and enhance collaboration between team members. Ultimately, if you can get your team to work together more successfully and trust in their leadership, then morale will be high, your employees will feel motivated and that can only have a positive impact on your company bottom line.

But with such a range of team building events, how do you choose the right activity for your organisation?

Team Building Ideas

There are a multitude of corporate events to suit every type of company. First you should choose whether you’re interested in indoor or outdoor exercises. Indoor activities might involve anything from a Crystal Maze challenge or a cocktail masterclass to pub games or a choc box challenge. If you fancy getting your team outdoors, then you might be interested in a GPS treasure hunt adventure, sports day activities, iPad filming or a soap box derby. A reputable teambuilding management company will be able to advise you based on your location and the size of your organisation.

Avoid Overtly Corporate Goals

The best way to encourage your employees to open up and step outside of their comfort zones, is to have fun. By doing so, they will be able to apply themselves to new challenges and you may be surprised by the skills that they unknowingly demonstrate as part of the activity. Who knew that Sheila in Accounts was going to be such an excellent navigator during that treasure hunt? Or that Bob from HR was so quick to answer questions under pressure during a time trial? However, you won’t be able to gain as much from your employees if there is an overtly corporate tone to the structure of your event. If you’ve got them out of the office to have fun, then allow your staff to do just that. Avoid the obvious leadership tasks which they’ll be able to sniff out in seconds and instead use the day to let your staff work naturally towards a common goal.

Keep It Going

After the high of a successful team bonding day, there can be that disappointing anti-climax when you return to work the next day. In order to reap the benefits of your away day, make it a regular thing. Schedule frequent after work drinks or social events within the office premises to ensure that you get as many employees as possible to join in. You might organise a monthly bowling night, or cinema trip. The key is to keep it frequent, interesting and pick events that your employees will engage with. By doing so, you’ll create a team that loves to work both with you and for you.

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